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Maranatha Food Drive (March 5 - April 5)

Maranatha Deacons will be collecting items for a Food Drive in support of the Clarington East Food Bank. Below is a list of items that are most needed at this time.
The drive will run until April 5th. Items may be brought to the church during worship services or throughout the week and placed in the collection bin. Your generosity is very much appreciated as we help those in our community who are in need.

NEED                                                                          DON’T NEED RIGHT NOW

Adult pasta (Chef Boyardee)                                            Dry pasta
Juice                                                                             Kraft Dinner
Juice boxes                                                                    Corn
Kidney beans
Pork and beans
Green beans
Canned cooked ham
Canned chicken/turkey
Apple sauce
Soup – ready and condensed
Canned/scalloped/mashed potatoes
Health and beauty products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, laundry detergent, toilet paper, feminine products, etc.)

Welcome to Maranatha "A Place to Grow in God's Grace" 

There is a saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul.”  As you enter this web site we hope you will discover more than “what time does church start?” and “who is on nursery duty?”  We invite you to look deeper into the mystery, intrigue, and even treasures that define Maranatha Christian Reformed Church.  We hope you will explore the relationships that make up this place.  And most importantly, perhaps you will uncover the heart and soul of a church that connects people to Him.

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Regular Service Times:
Sunday Worship - 10AM and 6:30PM
Summer Service Times:
(Canada Day - Labour Day)
Sunday Worship - 10AM only
Maranatha Christian Reformed Church is handicapped accessible. 
Church Office Hours 

The Maranatha Christian Reformed Church Office Hours year round are as follows:


TUESDAY - 9am to 1pm

WEDNESDAY - 9am to 3pm

THURSDAY - 9am to 3pm

FRIDAY - 9am to 1pm

Office Tel. No.:  905-623-2192

Email:  office.maranatha@rogers.com

Weekly Bulletins and Other Information 

The Maranatha Weekly Bulletin and Newsletter, Orders of Worship, Monthly Schedules, and other information of interest and note to our congregation members and regular worshippers can be found in the Member Login section of this Website.  Click on the "Member Login" icon located on the top, right hand section of this page and enter the User Name and Password.  If you have forgotten the User Name and the Password, please contact the church office during regular office hours.

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